SCHMID, Bernhard

SCHMID, Ludwig Bernhard Ehregott. Lobeda (now part of Jena) 20.3.1788 — Calicut (Kozhikode) 20.10.1857. Rev. German Missionary in South India. Son of Rev. Rudolf Ludwig Schmid. After gymnasium in Naumburg studied theology at Jena. Worked as tutor and planned to go to Paris for learning Sanskrit, but instead became teacher and priest in Trarbach instead in 1812. In 1814 finally to Paris, began Arabic and Armenian, but had soon to interrupt because of political situation. Now decided to become missionary and went 1816 to London to study for this. Arrived in India in 1817, worked in Tinnevelly (Tirunelveli) and Trankebar. He had health problems and had to retire to the Nilgiris and in 1836 to Germany. In 1845 returned to India, now resided in Ootacamund. Married Mary Jackson, three daughters.

He was much interested in botany (to the extent of neglecting his main task) and correspondend with European botanists. His linguistic and historical speculations had hardly any influence. Hon. dr.theol. Jena.

Publications: “Observations on Original and Derived Languages”, MJLS 4, 1836, 121-127; “An Essay on the Relationship of Languages and Nations”, MJLS 5, 1837, 133-158; “Traditions concerning the Migration of Buddhists into Europe”, MJLS 5, 1837, 229-231 (Wodan as Buddha).

– Über Sprachen und Völkerverwandtschaft. Halle 1838.

– “Remarks on the Origin and Languages of the Aborigines of the Nilgiris”, JBRAS 3:1, 1847-48 (1849), 50-53.

– Religious publications in English and Tamil; botanical articles.

Sources: MJLS 19 (N.S. 3), 1857-58, 143-146; Wikipedia (see also German version).

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