SCHOENER, August Clemens. Bieswang, Bavaria 21.11.1872 — after 1940. German Missionary in South India. After theology studies in 1890-94 at Munich and Erlangen worked as vicar in Passau in 1894-96. In 1896 left for Trankebar, worked in Tamilnadu until 1903. Then quitted the mission and returned to Germany. Married 1899 Emilie Schwenk.

Publications: Altdrawidisches. Eine Namenkundliche Untersuchung. 50 p. Partenkirchen 1927 (Near Eastern and even European place names with “Dravidian” etymologies); and other similar works. It is not quite clear, whether their author is the ex-missionary.

Sources: with photo; with photo.

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