FUGLSANG, Niels Studsgaard

FUGLSANG, Niels Studsgaard. Holeby, Laaland 19.11.1759 — 29.12.1832. Danish Priest in India. Son of Herman F., a vicar, and Lucie Abelone Studsgaard. After school in Aalborg studied philology, medicine and theology at Copenhagen. Ordained priest 1792. Minister of the Danish Lutheran congregation in Trankebar in 1792-1804. Back in Denmark, vicar in Slagelse, from 1828 Konsistorialraad. Married 1804 Anna Dorothea Torst (née Kierulf).

In India NSF learnt Tamil, translated some didactic and other texts, which he sent home. Brought a collection of 40 palm-leaf MSS. (mostly Tamil) and ethnographic material, bought by king after his death from his daughter and deposited in Kongelige Bibliotek. From 1801 member of the Asiatic Society (Calcutta).

Publications: some articles on Indian history and religion and a few translations from Tamil published in Danish journals in the beginning of the 19th century.

Sources: Pauly, Køb. Univ. 8, 1992, 520; V. Thomsen, D.B.F. 5, 1891, 486f.


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