SHIRREFF, Alexander Grierson

SHIRREFF, Alexander Grierson. 1883 — 2.9.1962. British Civil Servant in India. Son of Francis Archibald Patullo Sh. and his wife Elizabeth Louisa. B.A. I.C.S. officer, in the 1930s Collector of Jaunpur. Married Dulcie Baxter, children.

Publications: With Pannā Lāl: The Dream Queen: a translation of the Svapnavasavadatta of Bhasa. 4+55 p. Allahabad 1918.

– Hindi Folk Songs. 53 p. Allahabad 1936  (specimen in JRAS 1936, 209-223).

– Padumāvatī: a linguistic study of the 16th century Hindi (Avadhi) by Malika Mohammada Jāyasī. 12+327 p. Calcutta 1944; transl. the same, 392 p. Bibl. Ind. 267. Calcutta 1944.

Sources: and stray notes in genealogical pages.

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