SINCLAIR, William F.

SINCLAIR, William Frederick. 1849? — 15.5.1900, when 51. British Civil Servant in India. Son of William S., D.L. Joined I.C.S. in 1866, arrived at Bombay 1868. Served in various administrative positions in Bombay Presidency, in the 1880s Collector in Kolaba, finally 1890-94 Senior Collector in Thana, then retired.

Publications: Archaeological and ethnographical notes in IA in the 1870s; also wrote on Indian nature.

– A note on animals in Jātakas, JRAS 20, 1888, 542-544; “Indian Names for English Tongues”, JRAS 21, 1889, 159-178.

– Transl. with D. W. Ferguson: The Travels of Pedro Teixeira. 292 p. L.: Hakluyt Soc. 1902.

Sources: *O.C[odrington], JRAS 1900, 610-612.

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