SMALL, George

SMALL, George. 1??? — 1???. Rev. Baptist Missionary in India. M.A. Worked in Calcutta and Benares, retired for health reasons in the early 1860s (another source: 1852). Married 1852 Ann Chadwick (née Lovegrove). In the Preface to his Sanskrit Literature the author admits to have collected his material from Indological books.

Publications: A Handbook of Sanskrit Literature: With Appendices Descriptive of the Mythology, Castes, and Religious Sects of the Hindus. Intended Especially for Candidates for the India Civil Service, and Missionaries to India. 19+207 p. Edinburgh 1866.

– The Totā-Kahānī; or Tales of a Parrot, translated from Saiyid Ḥaidar Bakhsh’s Hindūstānī Version of Muḥammad Qāsim’s Persian Abridgment of Nakhshabī’s Tūtī Nāma. L. 1875.

– New edition of the Naval Dictionary of Roebuck and Smyth as A Laskarī Dictionary or Anglo–Indian Vocabulary of Nautical Terms. L. 1882.

– A grammar of the Urdū or Hindūstānī language in its romanized character. 19+205 p. Calcutta 1895.

– With others: Anglo-Urdu Handbook; or, Hindustani Guide for the Use of Medical Practitioners in Northern India. Calcutta 1895.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet.

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