ALLARD, Jean François

ALLARD, Jean François. St.Tropez 8.3.1785 — Peshawar 23.1.1839. French General in North-West India. From 1803 in cavalry, served in Italy and was the aide-de-camp of marshal Brune. Like some other officers he turned after Waterloo to the East, visited first Iran, and continued then through Kandahar and Kabul to Lahore, where he was employed by Ranjit Singh. As a general he trained and organized the Sikh cavalry on French model (even including the tricolor flag) and participated in several battles. In his last years he was also French political agent in Lahore. Married with Bannou Pan Dei (1811/14–1884) of the princely family of Chamba, six children, in 1834–36 visited France with his family. Buried in Lahore.

Allard was interested in archaeology and a member of the A.S.B. He conducted several amateurish excavations mainly opening stūpas. He achieved a notable collection of Indo Greek coins.

Publications: No own writings.

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