SMITH, Lewis Ferdinand

SMITH, Lewis Ferdinand. 17?? — 18??. British Colonial Officer in India. Son of Major Lewis Lucius Smith. Major in Scindia’s service. Secretary to Sir Harford Jones, Ambassador to Persia. Married with Ann Mitchell Nicholls, father of General Lucius Horton Smith (1793–1858).

Publications: “A Chronological table of the Moghul Emperors, from Umeer Tymoor to Alumgeer II. the father of the present Emperor Shah Alum, being from A.H. 736 to 1173, or A.D. 1335 to 1760”, As. Res. 7, 1802, London repr. 1803, 2 tables before p. 445.

– A Sketch of the Rise, Progress & Termination, of the Regular Corps: formed & commanded by Europeans, in the service of the native princes of India, with details of the principal events and actions of the late Marhatta [sic] War. 88 p. Calcutta 1805.

– The Tale of the four Darwesh; translated from the Oordoo Tongue of Meer Ummun. With Notes by the Translator. 15+295 p. Calcutta 1813 and several new editions (by Mīr Amman).

– Articles in Asiatic Annual Register.


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