GALLÉE, Johan Hendrik

GALLÉE, Johan Hendrik. Vorden 9.9.1847 — Utrecht 3.2.1908. Dutch Linguist. Professor of IE Philology at Utrecht. Son of Johannes Hermannus G., a mayor, and Neeltje van Olst. After school in Zutphen studied from 1866 at Leiden, among other things also Sanskrit under Kern. Ph.D. (Litt. Hum. Dr.) there 1873 with a dissertation on Dutch language. In 1872-79 taught Dutch at Gymnasium in Haarlem. Then at Utrecht University: 1881 lektor, 1882 Professor of “germaanse talen, sanskrit & vgl. taalstudie”. In 1891 left the teaching of Sanskrit to Caland. He was the first to teach Sanskrit at Utrecht.

Publications: diss. De dramatische vertoningen in de middeleeuwen. 1873.

inaugural lecture: De invloed van de taalstudie op het gebied der letteren en der mythologie. 1882.

much on Germanistics, especially on Low German and Dutch (also dialectology), and on Gothic.

Sources: N.N.B.W. 4; Wikipedia with portrait.


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