ŠOHAJ, František

ŠOHAJ, František (Franz Schohai). Pacov 25.11.1816 — Prague 31.5.1871. Czech Author and Philologian. Educated in Prague, studied philosophy at Prague. Worked as tutor, from 1848 Professor of Philosophy at Prague, taugh also philology and aesthetics, in Czech. In 1859 moved to Academic Gymnasium, where he taught the same subjects.

Publications: Poetry, translation of Sophocles’ Antigone (1851) and King Oedipus (1856), Latin Grammar (1851) – all in Czech.

– With A. Schleicher: “Nal a Damajantí”, Časopis Českého Museum  25, 1851, 1-4 and separately, 70 p. Prague 1852.

Sources: Wurzbach; Czech Wikipedie with drawing.

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