STAUDE, Wilhelm

STAUDE, Wilhelm. Vienna 1904 — ?.3.1977. Austrian Art Historian and Anthropologist in France. Son of a merchant, lost early his father. Studies of Oriental Art History at Vienna, Leipzig and Munich. Ph.D. 1935 Munich. From 1932 stayed mainly in Paris. During the war in concentration camp as his mother was considered “half-jewish”. Citizen of France 1953. In 1953-69 chargé de recherches at C.N.R.S. Fieldwork in France (1961) and Burkina Faso (1961). Married.

In Paris Staude became interested in Ethiopian Christian art, which now became his main field. In the late 1950s he turned from art history to anthropology.

Publications: Diss. publ. as Moghul-Maler der Akbar-Zeit. 82 p. Vienna 1935.

“Muskine”, RAA 5, 1928, 169-182, 4 pl. (Mughal artist); “Contribution à l’étude de Basâwan”, RAA 8, 1934, 1-18 (Mughal artist); “Les artistes de la cour d’Akbar et les illustrations du Dastân i-Amîr Hamzah”, Arts as. 2, 1955, 47-65, 83-111.

– Writings on Ethiopian art; anthropological publications, mostly on Africa.

Sources: Diss. in Janert; D. Haller in; *L. Vajda, Zeitschr. für Ethnol. 104, 1979, 201-208; German Wikipedia.

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