GAUTHIOT, Robert. Paris 13.6.1872 — Val-de-Grâce 11.9.1916. French Linguist, specialist in Iranian and Uralic, a Pioneer of Sogdian Studies. Son of a French teacher of German and a German mother, educated in Paris at Lycée St.Louis (where his father was teaching) and Lycée Henri IV. Studies in Paris from 1892, 1894 licencié in German. In 1898 military service and teacher’s examination, from 1898 chargé de cours in German at Lycée Voltaire in Paris. Started work at a dissertation on Low German literature, became interested in linguistics and began study under Meillet. From 1900 as a teacher of German at Lycée de Tourloing he was in an economically safe position and could marry. In the same year a linguistic trip to Lithuania. In 1901 and 1904 visited Finland in order to learn the language. Ph.D. 1913. From 1905 directeur d’études adjoint for comparative IE (or Iranian) studies at É.P.H.É. In summer 1913 visited the Yaghnob Valley with Junker, war prevented a second expedition to the Pamirs. In the war he served as a captain, died in the neuralgia following the shock caused by a shell explosion.

In the first place RG was an IE linguist, although also interested in Finno-Ugrian. From Meillet he got the task of publishing the Iranian material of Pelliot expedition and became thus interested in Sogdian. Wrote a grammar and prepared a dictionary. He was also politically active as a socialist.

Publications: “La phrase nominale en finno-ougrien”, MSL 15, 1900, 201-272; Le parler de Buividze: essai de description d’un dialecte lituanien oriental. 112 p. P. 1903.

Diss. La fin de mot en indo-européen. 229 p. P. 1913; diss. complem. Essai sur le vocalisme du Sogdien. 18+113 p. P. 1913.

– “Une version sogdienne du Vessantara Jātaka publ. en transcription et avec traduction”, JA 10:19, 1912, 163-193, 429-510.

Essai de Grammaire sogdien. 1. Phonétique. 11+18+183 p. P. 1914; 2. by E. Benveniste, q.v.

With (and edited by) P. Pelliot: Le Sûtra des causes et effets du bien et du mal. Edité et trad. d’après les textes sogdien, chinois et tibétains. 1-2. 52 pl. 35 p. P. 1920-26 (1. Facs. text; 2. Comm. & index).

– “Trois mémoires sur l’unité linguistique des parlers iraniens”, MSL 20:1-2 & sep. 47 p. Paris 1916.

Articles and reviews in JA, MSL, etc.

Sources: *G. Ciardi-Dupré, GSAI 28, 1916-17, 212f.; H. Junker, Idg. Jb. 6, 1918, 126-129; *A. Meillet, BSL 20, 1916, 127-132; G.-J. Pinault, D.O.L.F. 430f.; D.B.F. f. 88, 1981; briefly Wikipedia (little more in French version); photo in Pedersen 1959, 187.

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