STRACHEY, Edward. Somerset 18.12.1774 — London 3.1.1832. British Civil Servant in India. Second son of Sir Henry Strachey, Bart. (1736–1810), and Jane Kelsall. The father had been Clive’s secretary in India. Himself served in India in diplomatic and judicial offices in Bengal and was a close friend of Elphinstone. Returned to England in 1811. Married 1808 Julia Woobine Kirkpatrick, one daughter and six sons (several of them served then in India).

Publications: Transl. from the Persian version: Bija Ganita or the Algebra of the Hindus. 119 p. L. n.d. (1813).

– “On the Early History of Algebra”, As. Res. 12, 8° repr. 1818, 160-185.

Sources: Wikipedia on his father and his son, Sir Edward Strachey, 3rd Baronet; T.E. Colebrooke, Life of the Honourable Mountstuart Elphinstone. L. 1884, vol. 1, 19 (note); exact dates in

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