GERARD, Alexander

GERARD, Alexander. Aberdeen 17.2.1792 — Aberdeen 15.12.1839. British (Scottish) Colonial Officer and Explorer in India. Son of Gilbert G. (1760–1815), D.D., and Helen Duncan, brother of —> James G. Gerard and —> Patrick Gerard. Graduated from King’s College, Aberdeen, in 1808 and joined the Bengal Native Infantry. In 1812-17 and later he was employed in survey work, 1812-14 from Delhi to Lahore, 1814-19 in Saharanpur district. In 1817-18 explored Sutlej valley and Spiti, in 1821 again in the Himalayas: from Sabathu he went to Shipki in Chinese Central Asia and from there attempted to reach Manasarowar. In 1825 surveyor of Narmada valley, 1826-27 of Malwa and Rajasthan. Retired early, in 1836, because of ill-health. Made important geological observations in the Himalayas.

Publications: “Journal of a Journey from Shipké to the frontier of Chinese Thibet”, Edinburgh Journal of Science 1824, 41-52, 215-225.

With P. Gerard: “Account of a Journey through the Himalaya Mountains”, Edinburgh Philos. Journal 1824, 295-305.

Narrative of a Journey from Caunpoor to the Borendo Pass in the Himalaya Mountains. Ed. by W. Lloyd. L. 1840 (also material by his brother).

An Account of Koonawur, in the Himalaya, etc. Ed. by G. Lloyd. 308+25 p. L. 1841.

– “Narrative of a Journey from Subathoo to Shipké in Chinese Tartary”, JASB 11, 1842, 363-391.

– “A Vocabulary of the Koonawur Language”, JASB 11:1, 1842, 478-551.

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