GERARD, Alexander

GERARD, Alexander. Aberdeen 17.2.1792 — Aberdeen 15.12.1839. British (Scots) Colonial Officer and Explorer in India. Son of Gilbert G. (1760–1815), D.D., and Helen Duncan, brother of —> James G. Gerard and Patrick Gerard (1794-1848; officer and scientist in India). In 1808 he joined the Bengal Native Infantry. In 1812-17 and later he was employed in survey work, in 1825-27 “ascended great heights in the Himalayas and penetrated into Tibet.” In 1831 (?) again in the Himalayas: from Sabathu he went to Shipki in Chinese Central Asia and from there attempted to reach Manasarowar. Retired early, in 1836, from ill-health.

Publications: an account of his attempt to reach Manasarowar.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; H.M. Chichester, D.N.B. 21.


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