ALTER, Franz Karl

ALTER, Franz Karl. Engelberg 27.1.1749 — Wien 29.5.1804. S.J. Austrian (Silesian) Orientalist. Born in presently Czech part of Silesia. Educated in Olmütz (Olomouc). Jesuit from 1766, after the suppression of the order taught Greek at a gymnasium, further studies at Vienna and Prague. Ph.D. From 1779 custos (librarian) of the Vienna university library. Productive, but also super­ficial scholar interested in Oriental, Slavic and Greek philology. He learnt little Sanskrit in Vienna from Paulinus a Sancto Bartholomaeo and compared it to other Indian and Asian languages as documented in glossaries like those of Paulinus and Catharina the Great.

Publications: Edited the Greek New Testament 1787 and the Homeric epics in 1789–94, ed. princeps of the Byzantine chronicle of Georgios Phrantzes 1796; Über Georgianische Litteratur. Wien 1798; Über die Tagalische Sprache. 10+80 p. Vienna 1802; and other works.

Über die Samskrdamische Sprache. Wien 1799.

Sources: Halm, A.D.B. 1, 363f.; W. Kratz, N.D.B. 1, 218; Wurzbach 1; Gel. Teutschland 1; German Wikipedia (with picture).

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