GLASENAPP, Otto Georg Bogislav von. Schivelbein, Hinterpommern (now Świdwin in Poland) 30.9.1853 — Berlin 3.3.1928. German Lawyer and Banker interested in India. Father of —> Helmuth von Gl. Son of Sigismund v. Gl., a pharmacian, of an very old Hinterpomeranian noble family, and Elisabeth Spener. From 1871 studies of law at Tübingen, Leipzig and Berlin. Dr.iuris 1875, Assessor 1877. From 1880 employed in Prussian Ministry of Justice, in 1882 moved to financial branch. From 1896 in board of the State Bank, from 1907 Vice-President. In 1917 wirkl. Geheimrat. Retired in 1924. Married 1890 Elisabeth (Lilli) Marie Jähns (1868–1934), two sons and one daughter.

In addition to his remarkable banker career he was much interested in literature. He served in board of the Goethe Society in Weimar. During the WW I he became interested in Indian poetry, first in Iqbal. From the rough renderings made by his son he compiled skilful poetic translations.

Publications: Translated with his son: Indische Gedichte aus vier Jahrtausenden in deutschen Nachbildung von Otto v. Gl., mit Einleitung und Erleuchterungen von H. v. Gl. 31+177 p. B. 1925 (translations republished by H. v. Gl. in his Indische Geisteswelt. 1-2. 1958-59); Das Spiel des Unendlichen. Indische Gedichte. Aus dem nachlass hrsg. von H. v. Gl. 1953 (including e.g. Kālidāsas Wolkenboten).

Sources: M. Götzky, N.D.B. 6, 1964, 428; one line in German Wikipedia.

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