VLADIMIRCOV, Boris Jakovlevič

VLADIMIRCOV, Boris Jakovlevič. Kaluga 8.(20.)7.1884 — Siverskij near Leningrad 17.8.1931. Russian Mongolian and Buddhist Scholar. Academician in St.Petersburg. Son of an engineer. Graduated 1909 at St.Petersburg (Sino-Manchu section), Magistr 1911. In 1911 expedition to the Altai, then further studies in Paris (Meillet, Pelliot). From 1915 Professor of Mongolian at Petrograd/Leningrad University. Academician 1929. N. Poppe was among his students.

Publications: A numer of works on Mongolian language, literature and history, altogether about 70 publications.

– Buddizm v Tibete i Mongolii. 52 p. St.P. 1919.

– Edited in Mongolian: Çāntideva: Bodhicaryāvatāra. 191 p. Lg. 1929.

Sources: Miliband 1995 with further references; German and French Wikipedias with photo (more in *Russian version).

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