GOBINEAU, Joseph Arthur, “comte” de

GOBINEAU, Joseph Arthur, “comte” de. Ville d’Avray 1816 — Turin 1882. French Diplomat, Iranian Scholar and Theoretician of Pseudo-Scientific Racism. Son of a government official and eager royalist, who without right had adopted the title of a count. Born in a broken family, had erratic education. In 1835-49 living in Paris in poor conditions, until Alexis de Tocqueville employed him in Foreign Ministry. Served also in Switzerland and Germany and in 1855 sent to Iran and became interested. In 1865-58 Ambassador in Athens, , in 1872-77 in Stockholm. In ancient studies he was autodidact dilettant. He was convinced of the superiority of the white Aryan race, but had difficulties of finding it, even in Europe.

Publications: Essai sur l’inégalité des races humaines. 1853-55.

Mémoire sur l’état social de la Perse actuelle. 1856; Trois ans en Asie. 1859.

Lecture des textes cunéiformes. 1858; Traité des écritures cunéiformes. 1864.

Mémoire sur diverses manifestations de la vie individuelle. 1868.

Histoire des Perses. 1869; Religions et philosophies dans l’Asie centrale. 1865 (on Islam).

Les nouvelles asiatiques. 1876.

articles, novels and poetry.

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