GODARD, André. Chaumont (Haute-Marne) 21.1.1881 — Paris 31.7./2.8.1965. French Architect and Archaeologist of the Near East, Afghanistan and Iran. Studies of architecture and archaeology at École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. After graduating as an architect he went to the East in 1910. Directed two years building works in Baghdad, also conducted excavations, then to Egypt. In 1923 came with his wife, Y. Godard, to Afghanistan, to assist Foucher at D.A.F.A., during the spring surveyed Nagarahara, Kabul and Ghazni, in August–October excavated at Bamiyan. The king tried vainly to employ him as the builder of his new palace. He did not get well along with Foucher and in 1924 moved to Iran, where he spent 30 years building (e.g. Tehran Museum) and excavating, later as Director General of The Archaeological Service of Iran and of École sup. des Beaux-Arts de Téhéran. In 1942-44 délégué général de la France libre in Teheran. His last years from 1960 Godard spent in Paris, the date of his death is differently given as 31.7. (D.B.F. & Wiki) and 2.8. (CRAI). Soon after WW I married Yedda Reuilly (—> Yedda Godard), who also became his assistant.

As his special interests are mentioned the Luristan bronzes, caravan serails, the treasure of Ziwiye (Kurdistan), and the tomb of Shah Abbas. His major work was the restoration of Esfahan.

Publications: With S. Flury: “Le décor épigraphique des monuments de Ghazna”, Syria 1925, 58-90.

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