WARREN, John (Jean Baptiste François Joseph de Warren)

WARREN, John (Jean Baptiste François Joseph de Warren). Leghorn 21.9.1769 — Pondicherry 9.2.1830. British-French Colonial Officer in India. Lieutenant-Colonel. In 1793 moved to London and soon went to Calcutta. After a failed attempt as indigo planter jouned E.I.C.’s army. After Mysore war participated in W. Lambton’s Mysore Survey and found the Kolar gold fields. In 1805-11 acting director of Madras Observatory. In 1814 returned to France. He joined French army and soon was sent to Pondichéry. Married 1809 Anne Laurence Alexandrine, six children.

Publications: “An account of astronomical observations taken at the Honourable Company’s Observatory, near Fort St. George in the East Indies, in the years 1806 and 1807“, As. Res. 10, 1811, 513-525; a few further articles.

– Kala Sankalita: A Collection of Memoirs on the Various Modes according to which the Nations of the Southern Parts of India Divide Time. 31+402+4+72+52 p. Madras 1825.

Sources: Wikipedia with portrait.

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