GONZÁLEZ DE LA CALLE, Pedro Urbano. Madrid 12.11.1879 — México 1966. Spanish Linguist interested in Sanskrit. Son of Urbano G. Serrano, a professor, and Petra de la Calle Corisco. Studied philosophy and classics. Ph.D. 1904 Madrid. In 1904-26 Professor of Latin at Salamanca. In 1926-32 ao. Professor of Latin at Universidad Central in Madrid, then Daza de Campos’ successor as Professor of Sanskrit and Latin there 1933-36. A brief time Dean at Salamanca, then Professor of Latin and Sanskrit at Valencia and 1937-39 Professor of Latin at Barcelona. As a republican, at the beginning of 1939 emigrated to Columbia and was 1940-46 Professor of Latin, History of Spanish Language and Sanskrit at Escuela Normal Superior de Bogotá, 1946-48 Professor of Latin at Universidad Nacional de Colombia. In 1950 moved to Mexico, where he was Professor of General Linguistics and Sanskrit at El Colegio de México, taught there until 1965 giving regulkarly Sanskrit. Also Professor of General and Indo-European Linguistics at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Apparently he was the first Sanskrit teacher in Mexico (at least on advanced level). Among his papers were unpublished translations of the Priyadarśikā and Ṛtusaṁhāra.

Publications: transl. Ratnavali, El Collar de Perlas por Çri Harsa. 426 p. 1934.

– “Glosas y adiciones a una versión castellana de los tres primeros cantos del Rtusamhára de Kalidasá”, Anuario de Letras (México) 1, 1961, 13-31.

translated R. Meringer, Lingüística indoeuropea. Madrid 1923; S. Lévi, La India y el mundo. México 1956.

a number of studies on Spanish humanism (the first in 1903), on Latin literature and on Columbiab Spanish dialect.

Sources: Spanish Wikipedia; http://lectoresaudaces.blogspot.fi/2009/01/ejemplo-y-memoria-de-pedro-urbano.html with photo; Thesaurus 22, 1967, 131-144 (in http://cvc.cervantes.es/lengua/thesaurus/pdf/22/TH_22_001_133_0.pdf).


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