WILLATT, John. 1??? — 19??. British Colonial Officer in India. Major (1941). One Ltn. J.W. served in Italy in WW 1.

Publications: With P. T. Srinivasa Iyengar: A Short History of India from the Earliest Times. 6+232 p. Bombay 1928.

– A textbook of Urdu in the Roman script. 2nd ed. 1941, 6th ed. 8+173 p. L. 1945.

– With H. L. Philipps: Urdu military vocabulary: with reading exercises. 2nd ed. 8+89 p. L. 1944.

– Citizenship. The responsibilities and privileges of the Indian citizen. 6+184 p. L. – Madras 1946.

Sources: Books only in Internet.

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