GORDON, Thomas Edward

GORDON, Thomas Edward. Aberdeen 12.1.1832 — 23.3.1914. Sir. British (Scots) Colonial Officer in India. Son of captain William G. and Maria Carlotta Loi (of Spain), educated at Edinburgh Military Academy, with his twin brother (Sir John James Hood Gordon, 1832–1904) entered the army (the 4th regiment) in 1849, the Indian Staff Corps 1861. Served in India, in North-West Frontier campaign in 1851, in Indian Mutiny 1857-59. In 1873 in Kashgar Mission as the second in command with T. D. Forsyth. In 1879-80 in the Afghan war, in 1879-83 Deputy Adjutant-General in Bengal, in 1889-93 Military Attaché in Persia. C.S.I. 1874, K.C.I.E. 1893, K.C.B. 1900. General 1894. Married twice: 1862 with Mary Helen Sawers (d. 1879) and 1894 with Charlotte Davison.

Publications: The roof of the world: being the narrative of a journey over the high plateau of Tibet to the Russian frontier and the Oxus sources of Pamir. 172 p. Edinburgh 1876.

Persia Revisited. 1896; A Varied Life, a record of military and civil service, of sport and of travels in India, Central Asia and Persia, 1849-1902. 1906.

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