WOLLASTON, Matthew William

WOLLASTON (Woollaston), Matthew William. Calcutta 24.8.1802 — Mirzapore 10.6.1851. British Teacher and Missionary in India. Son of William Augustus Woollaston and Anne Mendes. Teacher at Government Sanskrit College in Agra, resigned and worked in mission. From 1844 Superintendent of Schools in Mirzapore. In his grammar he used Bengali letters. Married Lorenza Hilaria Lackersteen (d. 1846) and Emma Budden, two daughters and one son.

Publications: A practical grammar of the Sanskrit Language. 1. 16+122+2 p. Calcutta 1835.

– An English school grammar.

Sources: B.H. Badley, Indian Missionary Directory. Lucknow 1881 (archive.org); ancestry.co.uk.

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