YOUNG, Robert (d. 1823)

YOUNG, Robert. 17?? — 2.7.1823. British Colonial Officer in India. Captain, in 1821-22 Surveyor in the Nizam’s dominions. Married 1819 in Vellore Mary Hazlewood. Buried in Masulipatam. In 1848 the daughter of “the late Capt. Young, Madras army” was married.

Publications: “An Account of Some Ancient Graves in the Vicinity of Oopulgutt”, TrLitSocMadras 1, 1827, 26-32 (megalithic, near Hyderabad).

Sources: Death in R.H. Phillimore, Historical Records of the Survey of India. 3. Dehra Dun 1954 (the poor scan makes it impossible to give the page number); exact death date, burial and marriage in J.J. Cotton, List of Inscriptions on Tombs or Monuments in Madras. 2. Madras 1946, 144; daughter in Allen’s Indian Mail 1848, 633.

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