GRÉGOIRE, Antoine. Louvain 26.6.1871 — Uccle (Brussels) 2.5.1955. Belgian Iranian Scholar, Linguist and Phonetician. Professor in Liège. Educated in Verviers and Liège. Studies at Liège (dr. philol. class. 1893), then further studies of IE at Leipzig (Brugman, Sievers, Hirt), Munich (E. Kuhn, Krumbacher) and Paris (Bréal, V. Henry, Meillet). In Paris he was also a student of abbé Rousselot, whose work on experimental phonetics he continued. From 1905 taught phonetics and linguistics, from 1926 also Latin at Liège, from 1929 as Professor, emeritus 1942. In 1936-45 also taught comparative IE and general linguistics at Brussels University (succeeding Boisacq).

Publications: “Les infinitifs de l’Avesta”, KZ 35, 1899, 79-140.

Articles, etc. on comparative IE and general linguistics and on phonetics, Petit traité de linguistique. 149 p. Liège 1915 and several editions.

Sources: M. Leroy, Biogr. Nat. Belg. 33 (Suppl. 5), 1966, 378-380 & Revue belge de Philologie et d’Histoire 34, 1956, 335f.; very briefly French Wikipédia.

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