GRIGNARD, André. 18?? — 19??. S.J. Rev. Belgian Missionary in India.

Publications: An Oraon-English Dictionary in the Roman characters with numerous phrases illustrative of sense and idiom and notes on tribal customs, beliefs etc. 7+697 p. Anthropos Ling. Bibl. 2. St.Gabriel–Mödling 1924.

– A grammar of the Oraon language. 317 p. Calcutta 1924; Hahn’s Oraon Folklore in the Original. A critical text with tr. and notes by A.G. 177 p. Patna 1931.

– “Our Romanized Hindustani-English Dictionaries: Their Partial inefficiency and its remedies”, JASB N.S. 20, 1924, 85-98.

Sources: two books in N.U.C.


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