GRIMBLOT, Jean Paul Auguste. Marseille 28.6.1817 — Florence 23.5.1870. French Diplomat and Indologist. Studies of Indology in Paris under Burnouf. From 18?? French Consul in Ceylon and Burma. In Ceylon he learned Pāli and studied Buddhism, and achieved a fine collection of manuscripts for Bibliothèque Nationale. Returned to Europe planning extensive literary works, but fell soon ill and died. He married 1839 —> Anne Gr., who edited his posthumous works.

Publications: Transl. from German with P. A. Toulouzan: C. C. von Leonhard, Géologie des gens du monde. 1-2. P. & Stuttgart 1839-40.

Letters on Pāli manuscripts of Ceylon (in French), ZDMG 15, 1861, 141-143; 16, 1862, 557-563, 752-755; 18, 1864, 305-308, 831-833.

With L. Feer: “Extraits du Paritta”, JA 6:18, 1871, 225-335 (ed. PGr, tr. & notes by Feer).

– “Quelques sūtras traduits de pali”, JA 6:20, 1872, 220-231.

Edited and translated: Sept suttas Pâlis tirées du Dighâ Nikâya. 12+351 p. P. 1876.

Sources: Information kindly offered by Maxime Ravel referring toône%5D,%211839&xord=F&pg=12 (giving full names of both) and (birth and death of PG); briefly in BSL 1, 1871, 100.

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