GRIMBLOT, Jean Paul Auguste

GRIMBLOT, Jean Paul Auguste. Marseille 28.6.1817 — Florence 23.5.1870. French Indologist. Studies of Indology in Paris under Burnouf. From 18?? French Consul in Ceylon and Burma. In Ceylon he learned Pāli and studied Buddhism, and achieved a fine collection of manuscripts for Bibliothèque Nationale. Returned to Europe planning extensive literary works, but fell soon ill and died. He married 1839 —> Anne Gr., who edited his posthumous works.

Publications: Transl. from German with P. A. Toulouzan: C. C. von Leonhard, Géologie des gens du monde. 1-2. P. & Stuttgart 1839-40.

Letters on Pāli manuscripts of Ceylon (in French), ZDMG 15, 1861, 141-143; 16, 1862, 557-563, 752-755; 18, 1864, 305-308, 831-833.

with L. Feer: “Extraits du Paritta”, JA 6:18, 1871, 225-335 (ed. PGr, tr. & notes by Feer).

– “Quelques sūtras traduits de pali”, JA 6:20, 1872, 220-231.

Edited and translated: Sept suttas Pâlis tirées du Dighâ Nikâya. 12+351 p. P. 1876.

Sources: Information kindly offered by Maxime Ravel referring toône%5D,%211839&xord=F&pg=12 (giving full names of both) and (birth and death of PG); briefly in BSL 1, 1871, 100.

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