GURDON, Philip Richard Thornhagh

GURDON, Philip Richard Thornhagh. West Bengal 2.2.1863 — Totnes, Devon28.12.1942. Sir. British Colonial Officer and Ethnographist in India. Son of Major-General Evelyn Pulteney G. and Jane Mary Sandeman. Major and Superintendent of Ethnography in Assam (1907), then Lieutenant-Colonel, the Officiating Commissioner of the Assam Valley, and Honorary Director of Ethnography in Assam (1914). Lieutenant-Colonel.In retirement to England. Married Ada M‘Naught, at least one son.

Publications: Some Assamese Proverbs. 98 p. Shillong 1896, 2nd ed. 1903.

– Edited with H.Gosain H. Barua’s Hema Kosha, or an Etymological Dictionary of the Assamese Language. 984 p. 1900.

The Khasis. 28+227 p. L. 1907: “The Khasis and the Austric Theory”, JRAS 1907, 743-748.

– “The origin of the Ahoms”, JRAS 1913, 283-287.

Articles in the E.R.E., JASB, etc.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet; life years in

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