BARKER, William Burckhardt

BARKER, William Burckhardt. Aleppo, Syria 1810 — Sinope, Turkey 28.1.1856. British Traveller. Son of Consul-General John B. In 1819 brought to England for education, in 1835 returned to Syria, later on resident in Tarsus. He travelled much in Levant, occasionally carrying diplomatic duties. Some time Professor of Arabic, Turkish, Persian, and Hindustani at Eton College. Died of cholera. He was known as a polyglot.

Publications: The Baitál Pachísí; or Twenty-five Tales of a Demon. A new Edition of the Hindí Text, with each word expressed in the Hindústání Character immediately under the corresponding Word in the Nágarí; and with a perfectly literal English Interlinear Translation, accompanied by a free translation in English at the foot of each page, and explanatory Notes, by W.B.B… Edited by E. B. Eastwick. Hertford 1855.

– A Turkish grammar and other books about Turkey.

Sources: A.H.G[rant], D.N.B. 3, 1885, 213f.;; Wikipedia.

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