BELL,  Thomas Evans

BELL,  Thomas Evans. London 11.11.1825 — Kensington, London 12.9.1887. British Colonial Officer in India. Major. Son of William Bell and Elizabeth Kinnear, educated at Wandsworth (London). Joined Madras Army in 1842. In 1855-60 Assistant Commissioner in Nagpur, lost his position because of disagreement with Chief Commissioner. In 1861-63 Deputy Commissioner of Police in Madras. Retired 1865 and returned to the U.K. Married 1866 Emily Magnus, two daughters. He was a secularist, free-thinker and suffragist, who often sharply criticized Indian government.

Publications: The English in India: letters from Nagpore. 202 p. L. 1859.

The Empire of India: letters from Madras and other places. 6+412 p. L. 1864.

The Oxus and the Indus. 1869, 2nd ed. 8+105 p. L. 1874.

The annexation of the Punjaub and the Maharajah Dulcep Singh. 108 p. L. 1882.

Memoirs of General John Briggs, of the Madras army with comments on some of his words and work. 8+285 p. L. 1886.

– Many further writings about contemporary Indian politics, sometimes with the pen-named Undecimus and Indicus.

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