HAMMERICH, Martin Johannes

HAMMERICH, Martin Johannes. Copenhagen 4.12.1811 — Iselingen 20.9.1881. Danish Scholar of Literature and Educator interested in Indology. Son of merchant Johannes H. and Meta Adolph. From 1830 studies at København University, 1833 Cand. Theol., 1836 Mag. with a diss. on Ragnarok myth. He was much interested in Germanic Philology and had the special permit to write his diss. in Danish (as first in Denmark), as he thought that the subject was not suitable to be dealt with in Latin. In India he had become interested as a child through West’s Sakuntala translation (1793) and now he went to Bonn to study Sanskrit under von Schlegel and then to Oxford (Wilson). In 1838 travelled to see famous works of art in France, Italy and Greece. In 1841-44 konst. docent i Sanskrit at København (during Westergaard’s travels). From 1842 he was 25 years Principal of Borgendydskolen in Christianshavn (his former school) and became known as an enthusiastic and good educator. Married 1841 Anna Mathea Aagaard.

Publications: diss. Om Ragnaroksmythen og dens Betydning i den oldnordiske Religion. Cph. 1836.

translated: Sakuntala. Skuespil i syv Optrin af Kalidas. 16+139 p. København 1845, 2nd ed. 1858, 3rd 1879.

much on Germanic philology and on education.

Sources: G. Christensen, Dansk biografisk Lexicon 3rd ed. 5, 1980; *Pauly, Køb. Univ. 8, 1992, 529ff.; German and Danish Wikipedia with photo.


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