HASTINGS, Warren. Churchill, Oxfordshire 6.12.1732 — Daylesford, Gloucestershire 22.8.1818. British Colonial Officer in India. Son of Pynaston H., lost soon his mother. Educated at Newington Butt and Westminster. In 1750 went to Calcutta in E.I.C.’s civil service. From 1753 in Kazimabad, in 1756 imprisoned in Murshidabad. In 1757-60 Resident in Murshidabad, then Member of Council in Calcutta. After a period in England in 1764-69, Member of Madras Council. Governor-General of Bengal 1774-84, made important changes in administration. In England he was accused of maladministration and acquitted free only after a long trial in 1795, then lived in his estate in Daylesford. Privy councellor 1814. He founded the Calcutta Madrasa, was patron of Halhed and Wilkins, and himself a noted Persian scholar.

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