IBBETSON, Denzil Charles Jelf

IBBETSON, Denzil Charles Jelf. Gainsborough, Lincolnshire 30.8.1847 — London 21.2.1908. Sir. British Civil Servant and Ethnologist in India. Son of Denzil John Holt I., a railway engineer, who then took orders and moved with his family to Australia. Educated at St.Peter’s College in Adelaide, South Australia, and at St.John’s College in Cambridge (B.A. 1869 in mathematics). Joined the I.C.S. in 1870. Served i.al. as Superintendent of Census Operations in the Punjab, as director of Public Instruction and Financial Commissioner for the Punjab. Later Secretary to the Government of India in Revenue and Agricultural Department, and Chief Commissioner of Central Provinces. In 1907.08 Lieutenant-Governor of the Punjab, but had to retire because of ill health. K.C.S.I. 1903. Married Louisa Clarissa Coulden.

Publications: “The Races, Castes and Tribes of the people”, Report on the Census of the Panjab. 1883; new ed. as a part of the Tribes and Castes, and sep. as Panjab Castes. 338 p. Lahore 1916.

with E. D. MacLagan & H. A. Rose: A Glossary of the Tribes and Castes of the Punjab and North-West Province. 1-3. 923+573+536 p. S.l. 1911.

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