IOANNES BAPTISTA MARIA A SANCTA THERESIA (Giovanni Battista Moretovel Multedi)

IOANNES BAPTISTA MARIA A SANCTA THERESIA (lay Giovanni Battista Moretovel Multedi). Alassio (Savona) 6.10.1673 — Verapoly 6.4.1750. Italian Carmelite Missionary in South India. Joined the order in 1691 and the Mogol Mission 1704, worked in Goa until 1709. When the Italian Congregation of Discalced Carmelites was expelled from Goa in 1709, he went first to Karwar in Karnataka. From 1714 Bishop of Limrya and Apostolic Vicar of Malabar, an office he then held for a long time.

Publications: A manuscript Grammatica Malabarica (Malayālam grammar) and a Malayālam dictionary, both apparently lost.

Sources: Thankappan Nayar 1973, 129 & 137.

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