JACKSON, Victor Herbert

JACKSON, Victor Herbert. Ramsgate, Kent 26.12.1876 — London 18.1.1928. British Teacher and Historian in India. Son of Moses Jackson and Martha Hemming Peck. Joined Indian Educational Service in 1900, taught at Presidency College, Calcutta, and Patna College, then its Principal. Retired 1927.

Publications: “Notes on old Rajagriha”, ASIAR 1913-14 (1917), 265-271; “Two new inscriptions from the Barabar Hill”, JBORS 1:2, 1915, 159-171; “Hiuen Tsang’s route in South Bihar. An identification of the Buddhavana Mountain”, JBORS 3, 1917, 293-316; “Notes on the Barabar Hills”, JBORS 12, 1926, 49-53; “Archaeological Research at Patna”, JBORS 13, 1927, 121-130; other articles.

Edited Journal of Francis Buchanan (afterwards Hamilton) Kept during the Survey of the District of Patna and Gaya in 1811-1812. 26+250 p. Patna 1926 (from JBORS 8:3-4, 1922, 1-366); by the same, An account of the District of Purnea in 1809-10. 620 p. Patna 1928.

Sources: K. P. Jayaswal, JBORS 14, 1928, 161-164 (poor scan in archive-org; ancestry.com.uk.

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