COATS (Coates), Thomas

COATS (Coates), Thomas. 17?? — 18??. British Physician in India. He spent many years in Poona (Pune) as surgeon in Peshva’s time. Campaigned against orthodox opposition on behalf of the small pox vaccination.

Publications: A pamphlett in Marathi defending vaccination. 1813.

– “Notes respecting the Trial by Panchayat, and the Administration of Justice in Poona under the late Peishwa”, Tr. Lit. Soc. of Bombay 2, 1820, 289-296.

– “Account of the Present State of the Township of Lony: in illustration of the Institutions, Resources, &c. of the Marratta Cultivators”, Tr. Lit. Soc. of Bombay 3, 1823, 172-264.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet.

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