JAKIMOV, Aristarh Tihonovič

JAKIMOV, Aristarh Tihonovič. Selenginsk, Zabajkal’skij obl. (Burjatia) 28.9. (10.10.)1895 — 22.12.1976. Russian (Buryat) Scholar of Mongolian, Buddhism and Lamaism. Son of a minister. In 1917-22 participated in the civil war, in 1940-45 in the WW II. Graduated 1940 from Moscow Inst. Vostokovedenija. In 1940-52 served in the Red Army. Kand. ist. nauk 1948. From 1952 naučnyj sotrudnik, from 1954 staršij n. sotr. at Inst. vostokovedenija of Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, retired 1962. Later turned from Buddhism into contemporary history.

Publications: At least 80 items, e.g.: kand. diss. Buddizm i ego rol’ v istorii mongolov. Manuscript of 198 p. 1940, summary of 21 p. publ. M. 1948; publ. as a book. 123 p. Čita 1945.

– “K voprosu ob obščestvennom stroe dorevol’jucionnoj Mongolii i roli lamaizma”, Trudy MIV 2, 1940, 139-151; “Rasprostranenie lamaizma v Mongolii”, Istorija Mongol’skoj Narodnoj Respubliki. M. 1954, 137-142.

Dal’nevost. avangard. 96 p. Vladivostok 1977; Dal’nij Vostok v ogne bor’by s interventami i belogvardejcami. 120 p. M. 1979.

Sources: Miliband 1977, 1995.

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