COSTA, Giulio

COSTA, Giulio. Imola 1901 — Mendal, Tura, Meghalaya 16/17.4.1970. S.D.B. Father. Italian Catholic Missionary in Assam. Worked in Khasi Hills (1936), then in Tura in West Garo Hills, altogether 45 years, until death. Murdered during night.

Publications: “The Garo Code of Law”, Anthropos 49, 1954, 1041-1066.

Sources: Obituary By St. Ferrando in Bollettino Salesiano 94:13, 1.7.1970, 5-9 with  photo; R. Farina, “Wkład naukowy misji Salezjańskich”, 301 (in gives birth.

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