JANVIER, Ernest Paxton

JANVIER, Ernest Paxton. Fatehgarh, India 1.2.1890 — 1962. Rev. U.S. Missionary and Indologist. Son of Rev. Dr. Caesar Augustus J. and Susan Duryee Rankin. Studies at Princeton, ordained priest 191?. Wesleyan missionary in India (probably in Allahabad) from 1916, wrote his Ph.D. dissertation (part of which was published in 1921) to the University of Pennsylvania. Married 1916 Margaret Spurgeon.

Publications: The Madhyama Vyāyoga. Transl. with notes. 44 p. Mysore 1921.

Ria̕yat Ahmed as I knew him. 36 p. 1938.

Sources: Review of his book in the IA; birth and parents in ancestry.com; marriage in Princeton Alumni Weekly 4.10.1916; death in http://indologica.de/drupal/?q=node/8


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