JOKI, Aulis Johannes

JOKI, Aulis Johannes. Viipuri 2.6.1913 — Helsinki 8.2.1989. Finnish Linguist, specialist of Finno-Ugric. Professor in Helsinki. After matriculation from Tampere 1933 studies at Helsinki (M.A. 1938). In 1946-47 Assistant at Östasiatiska Museet in Stockholm, where studied Chinese. Ph.D. 1953 (diss. on Samoyed). In 1951-57 Lecturer of Finnish at Stockholm University. From 1957 Docent and in 1965-77 Professor of Comparative Finno-Ugric Linguistics at Helsinki University. In 1959-60 Visiting Professor at Göttingen. Knew also Chinese and “Altaic” languages.

Publications: much on Uralic linguistics and Siberian languages, edited K. Donner’s unpublished collections, participated in work of the Finnish Etymological Dictionary.

Uralier und Indogermaner. MSFOu 151. Helsinki 1973.

translated into Finnish the travels of Marco Polo (1957), M. A. Castrén, and A. J. Sjögren.

Sources: Helsingin yliopisto. Opettajat ja virkamiehet 1939–1968. 1977; Helsingin Sanomat 18.2.1989; personal knowledge.


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