HEARN, Gordon Risley

HEARN, Gordon Risley. 7.9.1871 — 7.6.1953. Sir. British Colonial Officer in India. Colonel. Served in Royal Engineers,, for 30 years constructed railways in India (incl. the Khyber Railway from Peshawar to Afghan border in 1919-25). Participated in Tirah Campaign, Second Afghan war and WW I.

Publications: The seven Cities of Delhi. 14+319 p. 20 pl. L. 1906.

Sources: http://hamletram.blogspot.fi/2014/03/three-english-madmen.html; portrait by W. Stoneman in National Portrait Gallery, see www.npg.org.uk/collections/search/portrait/mw224788/Sir-Gordon-Risley-Hearn.


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