HEDIN, Sven Anders

HEDIN, Sven Anders. Stockholm 19.2.1865 — Stockholm 26.11.1952. Swedish Explorer and Central Asian Scholar. Made several journeys of exploration to Iran, Central Asia and Tibet. Son of Stadsarchitekt Abraham Ludvig H. and Anna Berlin. Ph.D. 1892. Made his first journey to Iran and Mesopotamia during his stay in 1885-86 as tutor in engineer L. I. Nobel’s family in Baku. In 1890-91 in Chorasan and Turkestan. In 1893 from Orenburg through Kirgiz Steppes to Tashkent and during winter through Pamir, Murghab and Mustagh-ata to Kashgar. In summer and fall 1894 explored the Pamir, in winter 1895 Taklamakan Desert, then again the Pamir and in 1896 Taklamakan upto Lobnor. Then through Kunlun to Tibet, reached Lake Kukunor and in March 1897 arrived in Peking and returned to Sweden. In summer 1899 again through Russia and Pamir, in 1900 found Loulan’s ruins and explored North-East Tibet. After explorations in Lobnor region attempted in 1901 to penetrate Lhasa in disguise of Buddhist monk, was discovered five days before Lhasa and expelled. In the fall 1901 through Ladakh to Calcutta, in 1902 back to Sweden through Karakorum and Kashgar. In 1905 travelled through Armenia and Iran to India, in 1906-08 explorations in Tibet (sources of the Indus and the Brahmaputra, Middle Tibetan lake region), in fall 1908 to Simla and back to Sweden. In 1915 visited German Eastern Front and the Near East. In 1923 a tour round the world, and in 1927 a new expedition from Peking to Mongolia and Central Asia as the beginning of the Sino-Swedish expedition 1927-35, headed by Hedin.

SvH became member of Swedish Academy in 1913. In his later years his fame seriously suffered of his strong engagement in international politics. After having been eager pro-German during the WW I he welcomed the rise of Hitler and wrote on behalf of the Nazis even during the WW II. Unmarried.

Publications: Genom Persien, Mesopotamien och Kaukasien. 1887.

Genom Khorasan och Turkestan. 1893; Genom Asiens öknar. 1899; Die geographisch-wissenschaftliche Ergebnisse meiner Reisen in Zentralasien. 1900; Zu Land nach Indien – durch Persien, Seistan, Belutschistan. 1-2. Lp. 1910.

Asien. Tusen mil på okända vägar. 1-2. 1903, German Im Herzen von Asien. 10,000 km auf unbekannten Pfaden. 2nd ed. 1-2. Lp. 1910, part separately as Abenteuer in Tibet. 2nd ed. Lp. 1908; Scientific Results of a Journey in Central Asia. 1-6. 1904; Transhimalaya. Discoveries and adventures in Tibet. 1-3. L. 1909-13 & Lp. 1912-17 (German?); Öfver land till Indien. 1-2. 1910.

Southern Tibet. Discoveries in former times compared with my own researches in 1906–08. 1-9. Stockholm 1917-23; Eine Routenaufnahme durch Ostpersien. 1-2. 1918-24; Durch Asiens Wüsten. 1-2. Lp. 1923.

Tsangpo-Lamas vallfärd. 1-2. 1920-22, also in German Tsangpo Lamas Wallfahrt. 1-2. Lp. 1922; Mount Everest och andra asiatiska problem. 1922, in German 1923; Gobiöknens gåtor. 1931; Jehol kejsarstaden. 1931, German Jehol, die Kaiserstadt. 212 p. Lp. 1940; several books on history and politics.

Från Peking till Moskva. 1924; Grand Canyon. 1925; Från pol till pol. 1-2. 1911, Von pol zu Pol. Rund um Asien. Lp. 1919.

Åter till Asien. 1928; Auf grosser Fahrt. Meine Expedition mit Schweden, Deutschen und Chinesen durch die Wüste Gobi 1927–28. 12+347 p. Lp. 1928; Rätsel des Gobi. Die Fortsetzung der Grossen fahrt durch Innerasien in den Jahren 1928 bis 1930. 9+335 p. Lp. 1931; Die Flucht des grossen Pferdes. Expedition Mongolei-Ostturkestan. 261 p. 117 ill. Lp. 1935.

History of the Expedition in Asia 1927–1935. 1-4. The Sino-Swedish Expedition Publ. 23. Stockholm 1943-45; Eroberungszüge in Tibet. Lp. 1940.

Mitt liv som upptäcksresande. 1-5. 1931, English tr. My life as an explorer. 544 p. 1926, German Mein Leben als Entdecker. Lp. 1942.

To the Forbidden Land. Discoveries and Adventures in Tibet. Selected and adeapted from Sven Hedin’s Trans-Himalaya. 157 p. Lucknow 1986.

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