ETHÉ, C. Hermann

ETHÉ, Carl Hermann. Stralsund 13.2.1844 — Bristol 7.6.1917. German Oriental Scholar in the U.K. Son of a government surveyor, Franz Ethé (a Huguenot) and Mathilde Lappe.. From 1862 studied classics and Oriental languages at Greifswald, 1863 moved to Leipzig (Fleischer). Ph.D. 1865 Leipzig. PD 1868 Munich. From 1872 in Oxford cataloguing Oriental manuscripts of Bodleian Library, continuing Sachau’s work. Then similar work in London. In 1874 gave up his docentship and settled permanently in the U.K. (he was an ardent liberal and much disliked Bismarck). From 1875 Professor of Oriental Languages at University College in Aberystwyth, also taught German, at the onset of WW I had to give up his position. Hon. M.A. Oxford. Married Anna Francisca (d. 1897), one daughter died young, and 1899 Harriet Dora Phillips (d. 1947).

Publications: Hab.diss. Das Schlafgemach der Phantasie von Fettâhi aus Nîśâbûr: Erstes Kapitel: Vom Glauben und Islam. Lp. 1868.

Catalogue of Persian, Turkish, Hindûstânî, and Pushtû Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library. 1. Oxford 1889, 2 only completed in 1930.

Catalogue of Persian Manuscripts in the Library of the India Office. 1. Oxford 1903, 2. Ed. by E. Edwards. 1937.

– Many other contributions to Persian studies.

Sources: J.T.P. de Bruijn, Encyclop. Iranica 9:1, 1998, 1-3, online version 2012, and *Oxford D.N.B. 2004; Chr.T. Husbands in; Wikipedia briefly.

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