FARMER, Bertram Hughes

FARMER, Bertram Hughes. Wiltshire 1916 — 6.2.1996. British Geographer. Educated at Malmesbury. From 1934 studies at Cambridge (St.John’s College), graduated 1937. Taught at Cambridge. Married Anne Allison Stewart (d. 1995), three sons, one daughter.

Publications: With O. H. K. Spate: India and Pakistan: A General and Regional Geography. 827 p. 1954.

– Ceylon: A Divided Nation. 14+74 p. L. 1963.

– Agricultural Colonization in India Since Independence. 372 p. 1974.

– Green Revolution?: Technology and Change in Rice-growing Areas of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. 429 p. 1977.

– An introduction to South Asia. 253 p. L. 1983.

Sources: *D.R. Stoddart, Geogr. Journal 162, 1996, 255-257.

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