FARMER, Bertram Hughes

FARMER, Bertram Hughes. Malmesbury, Wiltshire 18.3.1916 — Cambridge 6.2.1996. British Geographer. Son of Seymour F. (d. 1932) and Martha Mary Hughes. Educated at Malmesbury. From 1934 studies at Cambridge (St.John’s College), graduated 1937. Taught at Cambridge. Married Anne Allison Stewart (d. 1995), three sons, one daughter.

Publications: With O. H. K. Spate: India and Pakistan: A General and Regional Geography. 827 p. 1954.

– Ceylon: A Divided Nation. 14+74 p. L. 1963.

– Agricultural Colonization in India Since Independence. 372 p. 1974.

– Green Revolution?: Technology and Change in Rice-growing Areas of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. 429 p. 1977.

– An introduction to South Asia. 253 p. L. 1983.

Sources: *D.R. Stoddart, Geogr. Journal 162, 1996, 255-257;

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