HERBERT, Jean Daniel Fernand. Paris 27.6.1897 — Geneva 21.8.1980. French Scholar of Religion. Son of a Catholic father and Protestant mother. Between world wars worked in various international organizations, in 1930 became interested in Buddhism. Travelled in India and China. During the war living in Midi studying Hinduism. Participated in the foundation of U.N. on behalf of France. From the late 1940s worked as interpreter for U.N. in Geneva, retired 1954. Now traveled and authored many books, in 1954-64 also taught Eastern Mythologies at University of Geneva. Married an English woman, two daughters.

Publications: Védantisme et vie pratique, et autres études. 61 p. Neuchâtel & P. 1942.

La notion de la vie future dans l’Hindouisme. 128 p. P. 1944, 3rd ed. 105 p. P. 1950.

Spiritualité hindoue. 1947, new ed. 576 p. P. 1972.

Devarshi Nārada. Précédé d’une étude sur les Avatārs de Vishnou. 48 p. Lyon 1949; and other short fascicles about Hindu gods and mythological figures.

La mythologie hindoue, son message. 462 p. P. 1953; L’hindouisme vivant. 272 p. P. 1975.

Introduction à l’Asie. 691 p. P. 1960.

Books on modern Hindu teachers, translations their works, etc.; also some unrelated with South Asia.

Sources: Wikipedia with photo; works in data.bnf.fr.

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