HERBIG, Gustav

HERBIG, Gustav. Kaiserslauben 3.6.1868 — Munich 1.10.1925. German IE Linguist and Etruscologist. Professor in Rostock and Munich. Son of Johann Heinrich H., a tradesman, and Johanna Gelbert. Studies at Munich and Leipzig, Ph.D. 1895 Munich. From 1893 employed in Bavarian libraries, in 1899-1913 Librarian (Bibliothekar) in Hof- und Staatsbibliothek in Munich. In 1910 Habilitation at Munich. From 1913 ord. Professor at Rostock, from 1921 at Breslau and from 1923 until death at Munich Universität. He worked mainly on Italic languages and Etruscan. Married 1897 Emilie Schwarzenbach, their only child was the classical archaeologist Reinhold H.

Publications: diss. 157-171 of his “Aktionsarte und Zeitstufe, Beiträge zur Funktionslehre des idg. Verbums”, IF 6, 1896, 157-269.

Etruscan editions and studies.

Sources: G. Baader, N.D.B. 8, 1969, 583f. ; *O.A. Danielsson, Gnomon 2, 192?, 622-624; *G. Deeters, ZDMG 80, 1926, 189-200; E. Fiesel, Idg. Jb. 11, 1926/27, 573-578; briefly D.B.E. 4, 1996, 607.

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