HERKLOTS, Gerhard Andreas

HERKLOTS, Gerhard Andreas. Chinsura, West Bengal 28.2.1798 — Waladabad 8.1.1834. Dutch Physician in British Service in India. Born in the Dutch colony of Chinsura, son of Gregorius Herklots (d. 1852) and Catharina Wankyf. Surgeon in the Madras Establishment. Married Mary Ann Williams, one son.

He supervised the composition of the Qanoon by Munshi Ja‘far Sharif and translated this account of the customs of Indian Muslims, meant to be a counterpart to Abbé Dubois’ Hindu Manners. His death impended the intention to also publish the original, which has later disappeared.

Publications: Qanoun-Elislam, ot the customs of the Moosulmans of India; comprising a full and exact Account of their various Rites and ceremonies … by Jaffur Shurreef, composed [in Dakhnī] under the Directions of, and translated by G.A.H. 28+436+118 p. L. 1832, 2nd ed. Madras 1863, new ed. by W. Crooke. 414 p. 20 pl. L. 1922.

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