HEVESY, Vilmos

HEVESY, Vilmos (Wilhelm von Hevesy, orig. W. Bischitz). 1877 — 1945. Hungarian Electric Engineer interested in Linguistics. Son of Ludwig (Lajos) David Bischitz (1851-1920), 1895 title of nobility Bisicz de Heves, from 1906 Hevesy de Heves, and Eugenie (Jenny) Schossberger de Tornya, brother of the Nobel prize chemist György/Georg von Hevesy (1885–1966). Served as Captain in WW I. In the 1930s living in Paris. He made an unsuccesful attempt to find genetic connection between Muṇḍa and Finno-Ugrian. It was commonly rejected, but at least taken as a serious attempt. He also compared the Rongorongo script of Easter Island to the signs of Indus seals. A promoter of Hungarian Turanism.

Publications: Under pseudonym F. E. Uxband: Munda–Magyar–Maori. An Indian link between the Antipodes. New Tracks of Hungarian Origins. 12+432 p. L. 1928.

Finnisch-Ugrisches aus Indien. Es gibt keine austrische Sprachfamilie. Das vorarische Indien teilweise Finnisch-Ugrisch. 8+383 p. Vienna 1932.

– “On W. Schmidt’s Munda–Mon Khmer Comparisons”, BSOS 6:1, 1930, 187-200; “Zur Frage der austrischen Sprachfamilie und der indischen Mundasprachen”, OLZ 37, 1934, 475-478; “Munda Tongues: Finno-Ugrian”, JBORS 21, 1935, 107-120; “Neue Finnisch-Ugrische Sprachen (Die Mundasprachen Indiens)”, Atti del Congresso di Linguistica … Roma 1933. Florence 1935, 275-284; “Zur Verwandtschaft der Munda-Sprachen”, OLZ 39, 1936, 273-288.

– “Osterinselschrift und Indusschrift”, OLZ 37, 1934, 665-674; “The Easter Island and the Indus Valley Scripts”, Anthropos 33, 1938, 808- 814, and other articles.

As Guillaume de H.: “Sur la non-existence de la famille des langues austriques et sur le finno-ougrien dans l’Inde”, JA 225, 1934, 143-145; “Noms ouraliens d’animaux dans l’Inde”, JA 229, 1937, 129-139; “Ob-Ougriens de Sibérie et Munda de l’Inde”, L’Anthropologie 46, 1936, 613-624.

Sources: Not in Bethlenfalvy 1980; brother often in internet, where also his theories and articles are often mentioned, but hardly anything about his person.

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