HEYDE, Wilhelm

HEYDE, August Wilhelm (born A. W. Heide). 1825 — Herrnhut 27.8.1907. German Missionary. Spent 50 years in Ladakh as Moravian Missionary, in 1853-1898 (?). Originally a plumber, he was sent to East to begin mission in Mongolia, together with Eduars Pagell. In 1855 they arrived at Leh, but were denied the access to Tibet and remained in Ladakh. He worked mostly in Kyelang (Lahul), one of the first missionaries to start work there. Together with Jäschke he also collected plants. Married 1859 Maria Elisabeth Hartmann (1837–1917), three of seven children survived. She kept a detailed diary, now in possession of the family. Their return to Germany is variously given as 1893, 1898 and 1903. The Bunan material edited by Konow for L.S.I. 3 was collected by him.

Publications: With Ed. Pagen: Reisebericht der zum Zweck einer Mission unter den Mongolen ausgesendeten Brüder Pagell und Heyde. 176 p. Gnadau 1860.

Revised and enlarged with G. Sandberg S. C. Das Tibetan–English Dictionary. 34+1353 p. Calcutta 1902; revised the Tibetan transl. of the New Testament.

– Contributed the sections on Manchāṭī and Bunan to L.S.I. 3, 1909.

Sources: *F.W. Bautze, Biogr.-bibliogr. Kirchenlexikon 2, 1990, 805-807; *G. Heyde, Fünfzig Jahre unter Tibetern: Lebensbild des Wilhelm und der Maria Heyde. Herrnhut 1920; *D.B.E. 5, 1997, 16; stray notes in Internet; wife in Wikipedia.

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